Hello Hugo

Mar 17, 2017 17:43 · 221 words · 2 minutes read

I always wanted to start a legitimate blog but never had the determination. There are so many fun projects that I wanted to share. This may finally be the place to begin.

def hello():
  print 'Hello World!'

Before starting this, I tried out some different platforms including wordpress, jekyll and many more, Hugo seems to be the winner for me.


Self-hosting wordpress takes way too much work. Hosted solution are still complicated, on top of that I’m not a big fan of PHP. However, I do have a wordpress site with my solutions to some USACO training problems back when I was still in high school.


Is this still relvent in 2017? Blogger is one of those Google products that was once popular but became forgotten as Google stopped maintaining it.


Logdown is a simple to use hosted markdown blog. I really like their user experience but unfortunately custom domain is a paid premium feature


Nothing wrong with it really, no complains from my limited experience with Jekyll.


The chosen one! Lighting fast static blog generator with tons of customizations. Can be hosted on GitHub/GitLab pages for free with custom domain. Also Hugo seems to be more popular than other generators.

Anyways, that concludes my extremely biased thinking on blogging platforms :P

Welcome all readers :)