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My name is Zihao Zhang, pronounced as zee-how. I am currently a 3rd year (junior?) computer science student at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Before university, my main area of interests were competitive programming, game development and computer security. Since then, I have transitioned into machine learning, artificial intelligence and neuroscience research, and a bit of web dev on the side. Every other term, I will try to find an internship for some sweat $$$. I have worked at Square, Yahoo! and Yelp so far.

The articles here are mostly a memo for myself, so don’t expect the quality to be very high. Yes, I know my writing skill sucks and tutorials are way too simplified. But having something shitty is infinitely better than having nothing at all. You are welcomed to leave a comment or send me emails for questions.

If you would like to contact for anything, send email to zzh8829@gmail. If email is too old for you DM me on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook

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